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Plasmodium (CD) - Entheognosis


Image of Plasmodium (CD) - Entheognosis

From label Cimmerian Shade Recorings:
"I think a description of the band, their philosophy and their music is best left to the members themselves:
"Plasmodium exists to haunt the thresholds of outer knowledge. By means of our continuing experiments into auditory hallucinations, we have formed a vortex as a Tetrahemihexahedron. From its ghastly blazing eye the sounds of matter and time weep through the untempered schizm. It is by our will and sinew that the corruptive metageometric viral code is granted earthly form. Amidst the howls of silurian reproductive fever there is but one true sound, the audible doctrines of our photoabysmic sacerdotalism. Know that to accept our existence is to open egress to the oubliette, there can be no return or no explanation."

Although apparently based Melbourne, Australia, a quick listen to their music and you might think they dwell on another plane of existence as their brutal Psychedelic Black/Death renders all your senses incapacitated. "Undulating Psychedelic Darkness" indeed. "