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Marsh Dweller – The Weight of Sunlight (CD)


Image of Marsh Dweller – The Weight of Sunlight (CD)

If, after meeting John Owen Kerr, the topic of discussion quickly turns to collecting Celtic Frost Cold Lake cassettes, one might assume the multi-instrumentalist behind Marsh Dweller has a love for metal based only in jovial irony. That assumption would be wrong, for Kerr (also of Seidr, Noltem, and Vit) has an expression of heavy music that deals with both the universal question of cosmic significance and a personal need to isolate oneself within the natural wombs of wind, water and woods. On The Weight of Sunlight – as with the classic, unhyphenated heavy metal of the ‘80s – you will find an album carefully constructed without filler, wherein no riff feels unnecessary, heart always transcends bravado, and a common sense approach to songwriting triumphs over mindlessness. Though the styles appear disparate at first glance (melodic death/black metal alongside pure heavy metal), the melding of genres is seamless, and you’ll find yourself drawn in for this entire 43-minute ride. No overly long, too-tech missives here: just a compactness and directness both refreshing and necessary in today’s bloated metal universe.

This CD comes in a jewel-case with a 12-page booklet.